O2 - Sparkling Vodka

O2 is the World's First Sparkling Vodka.

O2 is a hand crafted British premium pure grain vodka, a special blend of wheat and malted barley, batch distilled three times in 100 year old traditional copper pot stills, filtered for purity, and blended with crystal clear English spring water for an exceptionally smooth and pure taste.

Our patented process transforms this special vodka and infuses 'Champagne style' bubbles to give the vodka a unique sparkle and taste. Each batch of O2 is inspected and tested by our Master Distiller to insure that it is of the highest purity and quality.

The spark of inspiration for O2 Vodka came at the dawn of the New Millennium when Philip Maitland, a lifelong inventor and entrepreneur was in Paris celebrating. Vodka has always been his drink of choice and as he toasted the New Year amongst friends with their flutes of Champagne he thought that it would be great if in the New Millennium there could also be a Vodka that was sparkling.

Creating the first Sparkling Vodka was very, very difficult but not impossible as was proved after it took 2 years of research and development to perfect. In October 2003, Philip Maitland was granted a patent for The World's First Sparkling Vodka.

Enjoy O2 Vodka ice cold as a shot or on ice to really appreciate its unique character. Your favourite cocktails will also be transformed by the exciting bubbles and texture of O2 Vodka.

Packaged in a fine crystal acid etched bottle O2 Vodka looks as distinctive and stylish as the new drinking experience that it delivers.

Sight: Sparkling Clarity with Exciting 'Champagne Style' Bubbles

Nose: Light citrus and floral top-notes with a hint of grain

Taste: Citrus and sweet with the bubbles adding a layer of character.

Finish: Quick and Warm.


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