ISAKE - Premium White

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ISAKE - Premium White

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  • ABV14.5%

Grade: Premium Futsuu.

Taste: This sake is a unique cuvee carefully selected the founders of the company during their stay in Japan. This sake has a higher rice milling rate than a normal Futsuu (65% remaining instead of the usual 98%) and is aged for longer to give a rounder finish.

Isake made this sake having the idea to get many similarities with wine, as sommeliers they feel the style is comparable with the Sauvignon grape. Made only with the most authentic methods and ingredients.

Lemony and refreshing with some notes of peaches and honey. A medium bodied sake.

The unique 'Manga' label was designed especially for Isake by Shun Matsuzaka, a young Japanese artist as to reflect the fact that it is a unique sake developed around the idea to blend tradition and modernity.

Rice Name: Gohyakumangoku.

Nihonshudo: +3.

Umami Level: 1.3.

Recommended Match: Ideal to stimulate the appetite and going well all along a dinner.


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