Absolut - Pears

Swedish Vodka

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Available 21st Oct 2017

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  • FlavourPear

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Flavoured Vodka Pear Flavoured

The palate entry is clean, ripe, fruity, and keenly pear like.

Finishes elegantly and with a last minute thrust of pear flavour.

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David Beasley 2009-07-30 16:42:03

I was so looking forward to tasting this 'pear' flavour...sadly disappointing, not only does it not smell anything like pear, its doesn't taste anything like it either. Has the aroma and (sadly) taste of 'chemically laced' apple sweets. You know that fake apple taste that kids sweets have as a poor imitation of apples, that's exactly what this 'pear' vodka tastes of. Absolut! - sack your drinks blender....