MARI MAYANS - Rama Absinthe With Wormwood Grass

MARI MAYANS - Rama Absinthe With Wormwood Grass

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  • RegionIbiza

Mari Mayans Absinthe Collectors 70 Spirit Drink has many characteristics which differentiate it completely to other brands of Absinthe.

It is distinguished by its purity and intense aroma, although it is one of the strongest currently on the market (70%).

It has been acclaimed by many European and American magazines as the Original Absinthe.

This absinthe is very special absinthe as it contains al stalk of wormwood grass taken from the still.

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Robert Plumley 2009-12-20 10:29:28

A really good, proper Absinthe in my opinion, a little abrasive straight, but ultimately it\'s all about how this makes you feel, maybe it\'s just me, but it seems to induce a happy state that lasts for several days, me and several friends also experienced a number of vivid and colourful dreams after drinking this. This Absinthe has a nice aroma, and good flavour, treat it with respect and enjoy the experience.


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