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Right Gin is distilled five times from US corn - which lends a light sweetness - and the water comes from the arctic purity of Lake Bolmen, near Malmo in Sweden which gives the gin a sublime softness and accessibility.

The unique mix of eight botanicals is expensively sourced across three continents and creates the final flavour profile.

Crafted distillation for individual component parts is in the expert hands of Right Gin's Master Blender.

This gives him more control than is usually found in the London Dry method. Ingredients include juniper from Austria, coriander leaf from Russia and cardamom from India; a citrus melange of lemon and bergamot from Sicily, lime and bitter orange from the West Indies; and Sarawak black pepper from Borneo.

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Dave Marsland 2011-09-23 17:51:29

The aroma of a soft mix of all 8 botanicals is present, with the coriander poking its way through as the more dominant flavour. On taste, the bitter orange powers through, with the citrus lemon refreshing your palate as black pepper notes lead you to a sweet after-taste that lingers, and begs you to have more. RIGHT gin is a classic on its own or over ice, but shouldn’t be discounted from being used in cocktails such as Tom Collins or Mojito, and is a great addition to a Martini.


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