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Camitz - Sparkling Vodka

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Camitz Sparkling Vodka is a unique and extraordinary, 100% all-natural and refreshing Sparkling Vodka.

Camitz is made in Sweden, using only the highest quality grains from the celebrated Swedish wheat fields of Vastergotland near the distillery. The water is sourced from the renowned ice-age underground springs of Tollsjo, which contain the perfect balance of minerals to produce such exceptionally superior vodka.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka is 40% ABV and has been continuously distilled five times before its carbonation. The all-natural co2 source which provides Camitz with its sparkling essence is specially filtered for use and is documented to be the cleanest gas of its kind in the world.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka elegantly balances a natural acidity with a light sweet finish, which is then amplified by delicate sparkling bubbles that underline the outstanding character of this super premium vodka.

Camitz has the first patented natural cork for a distilled spirit, allowing it to open with a 'pop'! The perfect serving temperature for Camitz Sparkling Vodka is a crisp +4 degrees centigrade, having been preferably refrigerated and then chilled on ice before serving. The bottle should be stored upright and should not be put in the freezer.

Once opened, a bottle of Camitz Sparkling Vodka can stay sparkling for up to 8 hours, depending on the temperature. If the bottle has not been finished after the cork has been popped, it can be saved by using a 'Champagne Stopper', which will keep the vodka sparkling for up to 3 days (or even longer depending on how much is left and if stored in a properly chilled environment).

Camitz Sparkling Vodka offers the ultimate shot, served straight either from the bottle or the bar-top dispenser. Camitz Sparkling Vodka can of course also be used in mixed drinks. Small amounts of high quality liquor, fresh fruit, and garnishes as well as combining with Champagne will make beautiful sparkling cocktails.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka matches perfectly with delicate flavours like fresh seafood, particularly sushi and raw bar favourites such as oysters and shellfish, where the elegant bubbles enhance salinity while the natural sweetness of the vodka balances acidity, creating a truly sensational taste experience.

Camitz Sparkling Vodka brings a whole new meaning to the world of vodka and quite simply is an experience you will never forget.

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Lukasz Juszczak 2011-03-21 17:50:43

Good stuff! Chill it (I had it from the freezer and left it on ice for a hour). Good, clean taste, you can actually taste the bubbles.