Pincer - Botanical Vodka

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Pincer - Botanical Vodka

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Pincer combines centuries of distilling heritage, 100% selected grain and the finest Scottish mountain water with the natural botanical extracts of Milk Thistle and Wild Elderflower.

The spirit is distilled to 38% - the 'perfect' volume for vodka, as discovered by Dmitri Mendeleev the creator of the periodic table.

Pincer Vodka is made to perfection - in quality, taste and style, using no artificial ingredients.

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Jonathan Morrison 2010-04-25 16:13:48

Pincer is indeed a delight straight from the freezer. Absolutely loved this vodka the first time I tried it. Decided to take it to a party to test drive on some Poles and Russians and they polished off the whole bottle. This is very different from other premium vodkas in that there is a subtle herbal aroma. Definitely worth trying, you might end up finding a new favourite drink!

Peter Allan Meenan 2009-09-14 20:06:30

I have been tracking and buying Pincer for as year now. I used to treat Pincer as just another vodka and poured it with mixers e.g. tonic/ginger/fruit juice etc. The last order/(batch) I started to drink neat. I was really pleased to to taste a really interesting subtle baseline of flavour. (presumably the basic formulation of milk thistle and elderflower). This stuff is really innovative and exciting (at least I think so). By the way it's not just me..... my Russian friends tell me that they rate it above the most famous Yuri Dolguriky vodka. Which has been made in Moscow since 1546.

mhairi taylor 2009-07-29 15:04:02

Pincer vodka is a unique product, it comes in a beautiful bottle and box and makes a lovely present. It tastes fabulous and is hugely versatile when it comes to making delicious cocktails. It is subtly fragrant elegant and smooth. Most importantly, everyone that I have persuaded to try it (and there have been many) has loved it, even non vodka drinkers!


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