OVD - Spiced Rum

Spiced Guyanan Rum
OVD - Spiced Rum

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Spiced Rum

Scotland's No. 1 Dark Rum and the best-selling Demerara rum in the world, O.V.D. was originally imported from Guyana in 1838 by George Morton, a Dundee based brandy and whisky blender.

The initials stand for ‘old’ - because it is aged longer than most rums to obtain a mellow, rich and spicy taste; ‘vatted’ – because it is vatted or blended to be smooth and full-bodied; and ‘Demerara’ because it is made from the very best Demerara sugar cane.

The rums from this region are renowned for being dark, aromatic and rich. OVD is often described as "pure Caribbean". Enjoy neat, on the rocks or with a mixer.


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