Polmos Jozefow - Wisniowka Cherry

Polish Vodka
Polmos Jozefow - Wisniowka Cherry

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  • FlavourCherry
  • GrainRye

Cherry coloured, semi-dry, flavoured vodka made from premium spirits and masterfully combines varieties of cherries.

Best served chilled and straight for sipping or is delicious with lemonade and other mixers in a tall glass.

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Josephine Bolt 2010-04-30 08:14:09

I first tried Wisnowka when I was in Krakov and I instantly fell in love with it. The cherry flavour lingers on your taste buds and the smoothness of the vodka is just wonderful. Served in an 'ice glass' makes this drink magical. Although you only have about 3 minutes maximum in which to drink it.