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We are proud to bring you Pandor, a French Absinthe for the 21st Century. Created in Fougerolles in the Haute Saone region of France, Pandor combines both traditional, artisanal production techniques with a thoroughly modern approach. The resulting product challenges traditional concepts of what Absinthe's about and is aimed at opening up the category to a whole new generation of discerning drinkers.

Although Pandor is a thoroughly modern Absinthe it is still made in the traditional way of macerating various herbs and seeds in alcohol which are then re-distilled in traditional copper pot stills.

The herbs, seeds and production process of Pandor might reflect the influences of Absinthe but Pandor is a drink with a distinctly different flavour profile. A key purpose of Pandor is to get away from the heavy aniseed flavour of traditional Absinthe and open up the category. With the aniseed flavours in Pandor Absinthe successfully suppressed, the drink has a broad appeal across many palate preferences.

By being perfectly clear in colour at all stages of reduction and mixing, Pandor offers greater mixability and enhances the final presentation of the serve whether it's in a cocktail, shooter or just on the rocks.

The nose is uplifted with fresh, lemon citrus notes. The palate is smooth and creamy with delicate, herbal flavours and a slight hint of fennel, the finish is smooth and clean.


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