Lucky Buddha

Chinese Lager

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Lucky beer has a clean, classic style with a crisp, fresh finish. A fusion of rice, malted barley and Czech Saaz hops, Lucky Beer is also fermented at a cool temperature to allow an aromatic, rich, yet curiously light style of beer.

Lucky beer is unlike any other beer in the world. It's and Asian-influenced lager style, but it was born in Australia (now authentically brewed in China) it also offers a truly unique proposition to everyone who comes into contact with it- share the good fortune.

The Lucky Philosophy, in a world that's full of charge, it's good to know that Lucky Beer offers something consistently good-natured. A highly distinctive concept with universal potential. Uncompromisingly premium at every level - from beer to packaging.

Uniquely offered with a slice of Ginger at the bar. Rubbing Buddha's tummy brings GoodLuck.

Lucky is a unique Asian-style lager brewed using only premium 100% natural ingredients.

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Neil Gibbs 2011-06-20 11:45:39

I purchased this lager with the reasoning that a bottle this cool must have great contents. On the contrary, the contents were watery and bland, and to be frank, a little unpleasant. There was also next to no carbonation, resulting in a beer that looked like it had been in the glass overnight. 2 stars, and that is only because the bottle makes a great candle holder!