HANGAR ONE - Fraser River Raspberry

HANGAR ONE - Fraser River Raspberry

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The waiting is over...with only 30 cases available to us last summer, this year we are sure in for a treat as Hangar One releases it’s summer Seasonal Fraser River Raspberry edition vodka again. Only 4,600 cases have been produced this year in total due to the limited availability of the Meeker raspberry and the U.K (allocated 100 cases) are the only country outside of Canada and America that will receive any. Lucky us!

Jorg Rupf has been distilling raspberries for over 27 years. His raspberry Eau de Vie has been named “Best of the Best” by Robb Report magazine and has won numerous awards.

Jorg and Lance winters have been working for years on creating a vodka that would preserve the lovely and soft intense aromatic/flavours of fresh raspberry.

They start by infusing fresh berries. Then they hand distil the infusion using craft methods on a small copper Holstein pot still.

The fruit used is the intensely flavoured Meeker raspberry from the noted berry producing region of northern Washington State.

Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry Vodka is a beautifully- conceived expression of craft distilled methods.

It smells like you have just crushed a raspberry in front of your nose and tastes like you have just popped a raspberry in your mouth. It doesn’t get more real than that.

Be quick though. It won’t be around for long!


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