Viru - Pilsner Lager

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Pronounced 'Vee-roo'.

5% light, refreshing pilsner style lager

Brewed and bottled in Estonia using Lithuanian barley and Saaz hops to produce a distinctly refreshing beer with a clean, crisp flavour

Tasting note: A fresh easy-drinking brew that is pleasant and well balanced with a light hoppy flavour and a gentle note of vanilla. Crisp and clean with consistent maltiness.

Fact: Viru's unique octahedral bottle comes from a 100 year old Imperial Russian design and is said to be based on the medieval towers found in Tallinn.

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Neil Gibbs 2011-06-17 12:33:58

Super lager, slightly dry, crisp and clean tasting, good nose too. Quite beautiful in fact.

Thomas Meyer 2009-07-13 22:30:53

Very Nice. My friends say its like Stella but I think its a lot more crisper which makes it a bit more refreshing to me. Can easily drink about 6-7 bottles and feel fine in the morning which is always good. Definitely my favourite larger. Worth a try.