Leopolds - Rocky Mountain Blackberry

Leopolds - Rocky Mountain Blackberry

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  • ABV40%
  • DistilleryLeopold Bros

This new make whiskey is a mash of corn, malted barley and malted wheat. Using a blend of blackberries harvested throughout the Rocky Mountains, the berries are crushed using a bladder press and the juice is collected. The juice is retained and macerated. The juice is then strained (NOT filtered!). The whiskey is then blended with the blackberry juice, and then stored in used bourbon barrels for approximately 8 months.

This is done for several reasons. First, ageing adds barrel flavours to the complexity of our whiskey. Second, the char in the barrel reduces the "young" flavours of the new make whiskey. Third, the wood of the barrels 'breathe' and allow oxygen in and this oxidises the fruit juice, which in turn make more complex flavour compounds.

Once the whiskey has aged, it is hand bottled and labelled. Each numbered batch represents a single barrel. (If this was Scotch it would be called 'single-single', which means that it was bottled from a single barrel from a single distillery. Since each barrel will produce a slightly different flavour, each barrel is unique. Thus, the blackberry whiskey is perfect for those whiskey-lovers who are yearning to try something new and for those on the look-out for something different.


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