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Smirnoff - Copper Pot Still

Russian Vodka
Smirnoff - Copper Pot Still

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Key Information

This vodka is as pure, clear and smooth as the vodka that has made Smirnoff the world's best selling brand, but it also has a unique "silken" feel, with rich and mellow undertones.

This vodka is to be sipped and savoured. To taste it is to know why the Czars and nobility of Old Russia always enjoyed their vodka straight.

Smirnoff Black honours the return of Smirnoff to Russia where they were purveyors to the Imperial Russian Court. Made traditionally, it is slowly distilled and then filtered through Siberian Silver Birch charcoal to create a uniquely smooth and mellow vodka, best savoured neat and frozen.

As the revolution overturned the Russian Empire, Vladimir Smirnoff, Head of Russia's leading distillery and exclusive purveyor of Vodka to the Czar, was arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad. Very luckily for Vladimir, and for the future of the spirits industry, the prison was stormed by White Russian troops just before his execution was to be carried out. He managed to flee to Poland, carrying with him the only two assets he had left: his name and the formulae for vodka which had made his family name famous.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it at last became possible for the successors of Vladimir Smirnoff to return to Russia and explore the roots of their product.

They studied the old methods of distillation, the small copper pot-stills which the Smirnoff familiy had originally used to produce small batches of fine vodka for the Imperial household. Then, using highest quality native Russian grain, and pure Russian silver birch charcoal as a filtering agent, they produced an extraordinary product, a style of vodka which has not been tasted since the days of the Czars.

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Ian 2008-05-13 02:22:40

I love making caiprovska's with this...goes down great out the freezer as well

richard pitts 2006-04-29 22:06:27

if youre buying vodka then you can't go wrong with smirnoff black smooth and creamy when kept in the freezer yes i mean freezer it can't freeze it just gets slightly thicker and in a glass with ice theres no need for a mixer it will slide down far too easily and i will guarantee that once youv'e tried it fresh from the freezer ether neat or with the mixer of choice you won't go back to red or blue