Absolut - Peppar

Swedish Vodka

Country of Origin


Key Information

Roasted-grilled peppers, green tomato and dried herbs in a bold, rich texture.

The explosive, peppery flavours add great zest and concentration, leading to a lingering aftertaste.

2 cocktails with Absolut - Peppar


Eliza 2006-10-18 22:28:09

I tried this drink when I visited the town Ahus where Absolut Vodka was made and had a tasting evening. During the tasting, we tried different nibbles to go with the different flavours. The way to drink Absolut Peppar is with some freshly cut tomatoes (quality ones with good flavour preferred) into quarters, sprinkle with freshly milled black pepper. Put a piece of tomato into your mouth (I chewed it a couple of times to draw out the taste) then pour in a shot of Absolut Peppar and you have an 'intense bloody mary'. Or you can mix it with tomato juice for a 'normal' spicy bloody mary. Was it the best drink I have ever had? NO. Was it great fun and a bit different? YES!!

Lewis 2006-08-29 23:57:13

I'm not too sure who orgininally thought of this concoction and their reasoning for it being a good idea. From experience, I can say that it wasn't a brilliant idea to make a vodka with these flavours. I am however, only an individual who would be interested in hearing other views on this. I know my party of friends also, do not speak highly of this invention. I don't have anything against the Swedish or the Absolut company but i'm sorry, this one has to be one of the most unsucessful ideas. Even the smell of this vodka is unappealing but, succumbing to the joke of drinking something with these flavours, the taste was much worse! Being fair though, I tried it both neat and mixed however, I couldn't decide which one was worse. I was quite sure I didn't enjoy it though and I am yet to find someone who have!