Wyborowa - Pure

Polish Vodka
Wyborowa - Pure

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  • ABV40

Wyborowa is produced in Poland where vodka has been the favourite national drink for hundreds of years.

It's distillation from pure grain has earned it a reputation amongst connoisseurs as the world's finest vodka.

Wyborowa Polish Vodka also makes the perfect base for refreshing long drinks and cocktails - mix it with orange juice, lemonade, tonic or lime and enjoy the smooth subtle taste; and make your toast.

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C Sherriff 2008-06-29 23:47:45

I got this vodka from some of polish friends I work with because it was my last night with them. Normally I HATE vodka but.....once I tasted this one (neat) it was phenomenal. It was so smooth and just a little burn afterwards - perfect. I feel sorry for all those people out there who drink the "mainstream" vodkas - they truly are missing out.

James 2006-03-10 18:27:49

I work for a vodka bar and recently did a tasting session of around 20 different vodkas and wyborowa was my favourite by a mile, so smooth and no burn what so ever, excellent vodka, really stood out, flavour extensions too of the product are brilliant, peach and apple are superb.

Farzana Wyde 2005-06-02 02:29:57

I recently had this vodka in Poland and it is absolutely FANTASTIC! It was served to me as ice cold as alcohol can get, and sipping it was a divine pleasure. It flowed smoothly down my throat and tasted like velvet - I have never had anything quite like it. I am a vodka lover and it looks like I have a new favourite. Do yourself a favour and buy some Wyborowa to experience vodka from the people that invented it!