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There are 3 key elements that separate Stoli' from its imitators. First, Stoli' is distilled from winter wheat, which is the best-tasting wheat, not from corn or other grains.

Secondly, virtually all domestic vodka producers use processed water to reduce the product to its proper proof, whilst Stoli' uses the purest, softest glacial waters. Last, Stoli' is carefully filtered through both quartz and activated charcoal, then through quartz again.


Ian 2006-11-16 05:25:16

I've been drinking vodka on a hardcore basis for 4 years, although it's not big or clever,thanks to stoli it is so easy it can't be explained,Ive converted non-vodka drinkers to it because of it. Stoli are the best,Smirnoff is a students drink-cheap,cheerful but leaves bad taste unless your drinking Black Label or Penka. Absolut-I find that it's got a potato taste to it...and their flavours are far to sweet! Keep going Stoli...your running the vodka world!!

Aaron Zall 2006-05-20 12:50:47

Your basic 'Stoli' is just about the best 'cheap' vodka around, its clean and crisp and unless you have money to burn should be the de-facto for all mixed vodka drinks. Its infinitely better than Smirnoff et al, and marginally better than Absolute which I find tastes a bit medicinal. Good one for the straight vodka drinker if your budget won't stretch any further. But then I personally won't drink straight vodka unless its Grey Goose.

Joseph Baker 2005-09-27 23:06:30

A fine vodka. Not the best I ever had, but it's a small price to pay for a genuine taste of Russia.

David Evans 2005-01-04 14:14:35

By far and away, Stolichnaya produce the best vodka in the world. A clean, subtle aroma distinguishes this vodka from all others, whilst the soft smooth taste denies its vodka heritage. Definitely A++ vodka, the standard for all bars/clubs. For extra perfection, seek Gold or Blue. For those with no budget, try Elit.