SUNSET - Overproof

SUNSET - Overproof

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Overproof Rum White Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum is the most popular rum in St. Vincent, distilled in a modern two column still.

The robust youthful spirit of this rum has a delectable flavour.

Local enthusiasts drink it straight or with a chaser, while others prefer it with a mixer such as fresh coconut water, fruit juice or cola.

It can also be used as a food preservative and is ideal for rich fruit cakes.

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Matthew Stephens 2010-12-30 22:20:09

This rum.... Did fall in love with this rum first time drinking it. Very strong, I have had a lot of people take a shot of this and can\'t handle it when all you know is JD\'s, Appleton and Wray and Nephew. Any way, very strong, can mix with absolutely anything, great rum 10 out of 10.