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COCKBURNS - Vintage 1991

Vintage Port
COCKBURNS - Vintage 1991

Country of Origin


Producer Information

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  • ABV20%
  • RegionDouro

Wine Makers Tasting Notes

Colour - A very deep intense purple colour, opaque almost blue. Thick slippery 'legs' can be seen on the sides of the glass. This is the classic appearance of a really young high quality port. The deep purple/bluish hue will slowly soften to become dark ruby-red as the wine develops in bottle.

Nose - Very clean with good intensity and rich rounded fruit. Some chocolate and prune aromas and just a hint of pepper. Some blackberry and a touch of violet give the wine a good perfume, a lot of elegance and complexity.

Palate - A dry finish marks it as very typically Cockburns in style. The acidity gives it freshness. Tannins make it still hard and unyielding but will enable it to age evenly until it reaches full maturity in more than twenty years from now. The wine shows perfect balance between fruit, acid and tannins, so that the structure is classic for so youthful a vintage port. It has a roundness of flavour, it is firm on taste, fruity and 'jammy' with length and grip as the many complex flavours linger on in the mouth. It is a big wine, excellent in quality and has the potential for a long life in bottle. It is undoubtedly a classic Cockburn Vintage. It is difficult to make comparisons at this early stage of the wines life, but so far it reminds one most of the 1970s. If it continues to fulfil this promise it will turn into a very great vintage.

We do not as a matter of policy make public either the quantity of vintage port we make or its exact composition.

However for the first time over 80% of the 'lote' has come from our own properties. The Quinta dos Canais, which we bought in 1989, has traditionally provided the backbone of Cockburns Vintage Ports, and the 1991 is no exception.

An exciting element is that 40% of the blend has come from our Vilarica vineyards, where the vines are planted on gently undulating slopes rather than steep terraces, and in blocks by individual grape varieties. Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca and Roriz from the Quinta de Atyde have all been used for the first time in a Cockburn Vintage. Which shows just how important our recent investments in high-quality vineyards have become.

The rest of the component wines have come from properties in the Upper Douro and Rio Torto areas, which, like Canais, have habitually played their part in the make up of past Cockburns Vintage blends.


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