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Dr Adam Elmegirabs - Bokers

Recreated Bitters

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  • ABV30%

Founded by John G. Boker in 1828, Boker's Bitters gained popularity in New York and around the World as the finest bitters of the Golden Age of mixed drinks. Boker's Bitters were famously the preferred brand of Professor Jerry Thomas and featured throughout his book, 'How to Mix Drinks or The Bon Vivant's Companion', now recognised as the World's first bartender's guide.

Despite being unequalled when used in the refined drinks of the bar, the devastating effect of The Volstead Act, commonly referred to as Prohibition, closed the Boker's company in the 1920s.

Referencing receipts dating back to 1853, these recreated bitters are compounded using the finest natural herbs and spices and are once again being used globally by bartenders in original libations and classics such as the Japanese Cocktail, Martinez, Manhattan, Crusta and Improved Cocktail.

A note from Dr Adam Elmegirab

"The growth of the internet has coincided with an increased want for information from bothbartenders and consumers alike. With the release of my Bitters Product Portfolio at thetail-end of 2010, which detailed the production process of my bitters as well as tasting notes, I have had numerous requests for more information on the botanicals I use to compound my bottlings.

Having thought long and hard about ways in which I could improve the product knowledge of my bitters I decided it would be a good idea to compile detailed information on all thebotanicals I use so you can understand a little more about ingredients you will have heardof but may never come into contact with, have a better grasp of where the flavour profile comes from, and also gain a deeper knowledge of each botanical's historical and medicinalrelevance.

This goes against the philosophy of many bitters producers who wish to remain assecretive as possible, which in my opinion detracts from the full potential of bitters andtheir vast array of uses in both the culinary and cocktail crafts. By releasing thisinformation I feel that bartenders and consumers will be better equipped to use mybottlings to their full potential..."

Dried orange peel

Medicinal uses - Whole orange peel contains compounds that lower blood pressure and possess asubtle bitterness that stimulates appetite. Rich in vitamin C it is also recommended in fighting coughsand colds as well as being used as an aromatic and flavour enhancer in medicine.

Taste - Dominant orange and subtle woodiness with a perfumed backbone.

Quassia bark

Medicinal uses - Quassia is a tonic used to treat malaria and fevers as well as being widely used tostimulate saliva, digestive juices and as a choleretic, bile in the liver.

Taste - Intensely bitter and an astringent bark.

Green Cardamom

Medicinal uses - Cardamom seeds are primarily used for indigestion and to treat stomach-aches and cramps.

Taste - Strong and aromatic, subtle citrus, ginger, spice, wood and mint with herbal complexity.

Mallow flowers

Medicinal uses - Infused mallow flowers are a popular remedy for coughs and colds.

Taste - Edible flower with a sweet taste similar to marshmallow.

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