Guyanese Rum

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Gold Rum

A popular Demerara rum famous for its unique smoothness, bouquet and aroma derived from fruits within the formulation which has been a closely guarded secret of the company for decades.

Rums aged for 7 years in sherry wine barrels are sampled and only the choicest casks are selected for blending as XM VXO 7 year old. This secret blending process creates a rum of exceptional mellowness with a smooth yet distinctive flavour.

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Dan Small 2013-03-29 13:17:11

By far the best rum in its price range and probably my personal favorite sipping rum, I even slightly prefer this to its older brother XM-Royal. Tastes like caramel with orangey undertones and the finish is long and satisfying, it's like drinking a desert. Mixing this would be a crime, always enjoy it straight.