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  • ABV40%

Appellation 100% petite Champagne with a very attractive colour of a rich mahogany hue with a first nose of Vanilla and hints of mint, a second nose of pear and fresh apple. The third nose is of lime blossom.

The first palate is flavoursome and textured, followed by a second palate that is fresh and alive.

Aged from 3 - 10 years and should be drunk best over ice and remains flavoursome when mixed for long drinks and cocktails.

2 cocktails with REMY MARTIN - Grand Cru


C McCreesh 2007-02-19 21:10:42

The Remy Martin Grand Cru has a number of die-hard fans. I am not one of them. The initial flavour is light, boring and lacking any kind of distinctiveness or character. That on its own would merely make it disappointing. The real shock occurs when the aftertaste kicks in with what I can only describe as an overpowering, slightly bitter taste of cheap dry white wine. With Cognac, a long aftertaste is usually considered to be a good thing; unfortunately, the Grand Cru's taste lingers around like cigarette smoke on a cheap couch, resisting all attempts to remove it or replace it with something less obnoxious. The only positive thing I can say is that it doesn't have the nasty throat-burning alcohol sensation that comes with super-cheap brandy. This could, at a pinch, make it usable as a mixer, but for drinking straight I find it to be a very poor choice. Bluntly put, this is not a Cognac for drinking. It is a vodka substitute for people who like to pretend to be too classy for vodka.

Nicholas Mather 2005-10-02 00:57:48

All in all the comments above reflect the product. In many ways this is very superior to the VSOP, which has a quite bitter nose. The Cru just smells more pleaseant. The Cru, because of its age, has more fruit tannins and a less alchoholic after-taste, which as a non-connoisseur, I prefer. A very well balanced and pleasant brandy. Don't be fooled by the price.

Joseph T Payne !!! 2005-08-11 22:12:13

I am of the personal opinion that all of the Cognac variations are of superior quality. I love the fragrances of the individual process that each version results from the aging and containing of the large amounts of each during its stages of production. I would like to comment on the Grand Cru as it is the finest of all the processes I can actually say as it is the one I have familiarized myself with. The aging in Oak and the ultimate transference to the cherry wood cask and addition of Vanilla bean is as profound a statement as can be given to a naturally fermenting liquid as I can mention. To be able to put hands on the product in so many ways and have it's quinessence only become more emphatic can only be measured as God's own. Thankyou for this opportunity to express my passion for this essence. I have been a chef for 36 yrs and can only speculate on ever having a memory as significant as with that relating to the Grand Cru. Greatfully Submitted Joseph T.Payne 111


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