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Passion Fruit Liqueur

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  • ABV17%

Passoa ia a liqueur of exotic passion fruits. Its delicious taste is enjoyed the world over, being the no 1 liqueur in Puerto Rico, no 2 in Holland and no3 in Belgium.

The Passion fruit was first discovered in South America, during the colonisation by Spanish missionaries in the 1500s.

They first noticed the amazing flowers of the fruit in the jungle. Nobody knows exactly why it became known as the Passion fruit. Was it because the crown-like flower reminded people of the thornbush of Christ's Passion - Or because of its supposed qualities as an aphrodisiac?


Patricia Heaney 2011-05-18 17:00:56

I recently tried this drink on holiday and its absolutly gorgeous, mixed with fanta orange and ice is delicious and if you wanted you could add a drop of vodka, either way it is very refreshing. It\'s a must try drink.

Alicia Hobbel 2007-04-10 21:21:42

It's not my cup of tea! Very sweet and in a mix with orange juice, you wouldn't be able to tell it contains alcohol. A treacherous drink in other words, because you'll be drunk before you know it, which is why young kids love it: tastes like fruit juice, but will get you drunk (that is, if you drink enough).

Aaron Zall 2006-05-17 12:07:00

Open the bottle and you are hit with the scent of passion fruits. Neat, the taste is cloying and is not for me, but mixed this drink comes into its own, goes well with any white/silver spirit, with or without fruit juices and or soda. Try it mixed in equal parts with Champagne in a tall flute, for a wonderfully lethal cocktail. A great opener to a cocktail party, as an alternative to those who don't appreciate the dryness of Champagne.

Christina Yard 2005-01-05 16:05:48

Passoa is amazing! My friend introduced me a few months ago and its been my regular drink whenever ive been out since. Great just with lemonade and ive seen some killer cocktail recipes on that i cant wait to try out. Its taken me ages to find somewhere i could buy it outside of a pub or club and i finally found it at a fantastic price. If you havnt tryed it i strongly recomend it! :o)