BRUICHLADDICH - 2001 Resurrection

Islay Malt Whisky
BRUICHLADDICH - 2001 Resurrection

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  • DistilleryBruichladdich

In 1994 Bruichladdich was closed down for good and the machinery left to to the Hebridean weather.

Yet in 2001 new owners cleaned up the old machinery and 'the old lady danced again'.

The distillery was built in 1881 by the Harvery brothers, a dynastic distilling family, with a bequest from their father. Using over a century of distilling know-how, the young brothers designed a state-of-the-art-distillery, specifically to make the purest spirit possible.

This "Resurrection Dram" is a testament to the inspired - the Harvey brothers, their avant-garde distillery design, and a new tema of distillers. It's a celebration of a new era at Bruichladdich, the first distilled by Jim McEwan and his team in the more artisanal, old-fashioned way. In contrast to the heavily-peated PC, Bruichladdich itself retains the traditional, minimally-peated 3-5 ppm level. However, this very first bottling alone, bizarrely comes from a small, unrepeated distillation of lightly-peated barley at an unusual 10ppm.


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