La Clandestine

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La Clandestine

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Swiss Style Absinthe

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A long-term favourite of absinthe lovers, La Clandestine is hand-crafted in Couvet, Switzerland: the village where absinthe was born in the 1790's.

Based on a 1935 recipe when absinthe was produced "underground" in Switzerland, La Clandestine is distilled by Claude-Alain Bugnon, the only distiller to win five Golden Spoons at the French Absinthiades, sometimes known as the "Absinthe Oscars."

The "terroir" is very important for Claude-Alain: most of the plants used in La Clandestine grow locally in meadows in the foothills of the Alps. With a recipe made up of more than 10 plants, it has, at first nosing, a wonderful richness of aromas, followed by a lingering light bitterness. Its distiller prefers to drink it with 3/4 parts of chilled water (but not with sugar).

Mixologists who have tried many absinthes find La Clandestine to be "almost uniquely versatile," working well in both classic and modern absinthe cocktails. Like all Swiss absinthe, La Clandestine is distilled (absinthes from other countries may just be "cold mixed"), contains no artificial colours and has no added sugar.

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