GLENFIDDICH - Snow Phoenix

Limited Edition Whisky
GLENFIDDICH - Snow Phoenix

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  • DistilleryGlenfiddich

A limited edition, single malt whisky, made of many different ages of Glenfiddich whisky, from 13yo to over 30yo.

Colour: Gold with bright copper highlights.

Nose: Creamy vanilla aromas mingle with vibrant notes of apple and pear - the whole complemented by the scent of fresh blossom.

Taste: This is Glenfiddich in the wild apples roasted in the embers of a campfire, sweetened with heather honey and ccompanied by a piece of chocolate, rich and complex with a whiff of burned sugar, coffee and woodsmoke.

Finish: An exceptionally long finish - austere sherry notes mellow into a satisfying sweetness.

Snow Phoenix marries together natural strength & non-chill filtered casks of different age & finishes, including American oak & oloroso sherry.

Re-Born from one of the most exciting & unexpected releases in Glenfiddichs history born from those events in January 2010 & created from The Great Warehouse Collapse.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix commemorates a moment of drama in the long history of The Glenfiddich Distillery.

It all began in December 2009 when it started to snow - it kept snowing for several months. After weeks of record low temperatures and alternate freezing and thawing there were four feet of densely compacted snow on the distillery roofs.

On the evening of Thursday 7th January, in the most remote part of the snow covered distillery, some of our warehouse roofs collapsed, ripped open by the sheer weight of snow, leaving maturing oak casks of Glenfiddich exposed to the winter sky. It was as if some of the distillery angels had finished their 'share' and had come back looking for more.


Lukasz Juszczak 2011-11-30 19:57:34

I`ve tried this in October 2011 against half a dozen other Glenfiddichs. This one definitely stands up: it\'s richer, has a great length not to mention a great story behind it. Get while you can.

Simon Iwaniszyn 2011-11-23 19:40:38

Ordered as a gift, looks great (if it tastes as good as it looks it\'ll be a winner!). Delivered exactly as promised.