1931 First Edition

St Lucia Rum
1931 First Edition

Country of Origin

Saint Lucia

Key Information

1931 by St Lucia Distillers celebrates the 80th anniversary of the foundation in 1931 of St Lucia Distillers.

It is a blend of just 9 casks from three pot stills and a coffey still, ranging from casks laid down in 2004 to older casks laid down in 1999.

It has the honour of being the first brand accredited to carry the deluxe level mark of authentic Caribbean rum, and won a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2011.

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Ian Turney 2011-11-01 17:15:34

Recently sampled this rum at the UK Rumfest 2011 at Olympia in London before its official release! You cannot find a rum of this quality for under £100 a bottle. Normally only Mount Gay 1703 comes anywhere close and that is £110!!