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Founded in 1971, Lao Brewery Company began brewing their signatory lager in 1973. A premium lager that would combine the mastery of European Beer brewing methods with an ingredient that is ingrained into the culture of Laos, rice.

For people who are fortunate enough to experience East Asia, Beerlao has the emotional connotations that will propel you back to the "land of smiles" with one cold sip.

Noted as "Asia's best beer" by TIME Magazine.

Nose: Fragrant, slight biscuity aroma.

Palate: Light body, medium fizz, malty and bready.

Finish: smooth, restrained bitter finish; very easy to drink.

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Christian Robb 2015-01-30 06:10:42

Simply the best beer not just in Asia but the world!! Clean taste no chemicals and easy on the hangover despite 5%, plus minimum beer belly from excessive consumption. Try it... but don't tell too many it's so good or there won't be any left to deliver when I am back in the UK!! Thank you TheDrinkShop for your insightful offer to spread the word on this excellent tasting beer. Cheers!