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The Original Alcopop

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Hooch, the brand that defined the Nineties Brit Pop generation, is officially back on the market.

The re-named Hooch Alcoholic Lemon Brew has kept its retro appeal but is now available in distinctive 500ml bottles and is designed to be served over ice, making it a competitor for fruit beers and ciders.

The iconic brand, which features real fruit juice and is renowned for its sharp lemon taste, features the new tagline, 'Refreshment with Bite'.

A sparkling, alcoholic lemon brew made with real lemons and natural juices. Hooch delivers a sharp bite of citrus which explodes on to the palate but immediately softens to a subtle lemon tone, delivering complete refreshment.


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Do you ship to The United States?

Shawn burton 2016-08-28 06:15:15

Hello,i am looking to purchase a small order but need it shipped to me in The United States