Agwa - de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur

Uniquely Bitter-Sweet

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  • ABV30%

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Herbal Liqueurs

Agwa De Bolivia has 40 grams of Bolivian coca leaf per litre.

At the heart of Agwa are dry-roasted seeds of Amazon Gaurana and Chinese Ginseng.

The unique, bitter-sweet taste is a result of the distillation of many powerful flavours of S. America, most notably the coca leaf.

Inca messengers are believed to have chewed the leaves as a fuel to propel them at high speed through dense forest and today they are brewed as a tea in Peru to combat altitude sickness.

Agwa is the perfect drink to prepare you for the night ahead and the ideal flavour to stay with you until morning.

Try chilled as a shot or sip it gently with a mix of cola, tonic, ginger beer or bitter lemon .... or in any of the scores of 'coca-leaf cocktail' recipes out there.


gary walsh 2014-10-18 21:03:43

I'm sure it said drink responsibly somewhere on the bottle, I was never one for reading much anyway. My excitement when opening my new bottle on friday is a distant memory now Saturday came and went so did the contents. Remember kids drinking is for grown ups it's a shame there's none in my house.

Allan Hegney 2013-10-15 11:43:51

If you want a pick me up this is the drink for you. The bulb glasses u get in the box make it super easy to mix the right amount of Agwa with (brand name)energy drink. 3 shots like this when you get home from a hard nights dancing at your local night club & you'll be talkin chaff with ur mates till dawn break. Woop Woop ^^

Faye Bryan 2011-09-05 10:37:08

This drink was a great accompaniment to a night under the stars in a hot tub. The flavour wasn\'t the sort where you need to drink something else straight after to cleanse the palette. The Agwa glasses are great and it makes a great change to doing the usual vodka shots. I will be ordering more of this again and possibly even for Christmas presents for friends. Thank you for being the best site on the web to stock this fantastic drink!

K White 2011-03-14 13:50:28

Easy to drink, easier to drink too much of this, something moreish about this drink that somehow sobers you up as you get more and more into it. As green drinks go this is a good one, but it is relatively low in alcohol. Mixes with fizzy water well and fresh lime. Energy drinks are recommended but they overpower its taste. I am very pleased with this drink and I recommend it to anyone who likes to stay awake whilst they are drinking... GOOD.

Nikolus Samuel Cook 2010-08-05 21:15:43

Excellent. Every drink has its own buzz, and Agwa de Bolivia's is exciting. I don't care much for the "double bubble" cocktail they suggest (any energy drink and Agwa poured into their special glass which is included in the delivery), but the drink itself is fresh and smooth. I ordered my second bottle the day my first bottle arrived. A must for anyone who likes variety in their liquor cabinets.