100% Blue Agave Tequila

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  • ABV40%

First introduced into the UK in May 1998, Tarantula Azul is an innovative, daring and fun alternative to regular tequila.

Tarantula Azul is 100% Mexican blue agave tequila, blended with the citrus flavours of lemon and orange with colour of sky blue (the liquid, not the bottle) to reinforce it's refreshing taste and clean glacial image.

It is at it's best served chilled as a shot, but it can also be effectively used as a substitute for regular tequila in cocktails to provide a citrus twist.

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alison ford 2006-07-01 08:18:43

I'm not normally a drinker, but after trying Tarantula on holiday in Florida in 2005 I'm hooked , it's so very refreshing. To find this web site is unbelievable as we have booked a holiday to Florida in April next year just to get some more Tarantula, it's that good!