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Ryan Trumpess 2008-03-17 19:46:59

This by by far one of the best ciders I have tasted. The first time I drunk it, I made the mistake of drinking it like regular cider/lager - big mistake - it put me straight on my back!! My rule is, drink half as much you normally would in regular lager/cider. Apart form these small flaws, I would definitely recommend the cider, the price is great too.

paula cocoracchio 2007-11-11 20:39:13

This is brilliant,I am unable to drive at mo due to injury,but I manage to get 25 miles to the nearest known stockist of this. Its good,and no other is the same after. Think Ice Dragon but with taste(pardon the pun!). sell it cheaper though!But at 99p per 500ml can its worth every sweet penny!