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Jack Daniels - Gentleman Jack

Exceptional taste

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  • DistilleryJack Daniels
  • GrainCorn

Gentleman Jack is the world's only double mellowed whiskey and the perfect gift for a gentleman with exceptional taste.

Crafted from Mr. Jack's own private recipe, Gentleman Jack was the first new whiskey from the Jack Daniel distillery in over 100 years. It is a distinctively smooth, rich whiskey, distilled and aged to perfection by the genuinely good-natured folks at America's oldest ditsillery.

But, at the end of the day, what makes Gentleman Jack so unique is actually quite simple: Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed twice, once before and once after it is aged in charred oak barrels. The result is an extremely smooth, satisfying taste that you'll surely appreciate.

Take a sip. Just one sip. Then you know why Gentleman Jack, Rare Tennessee Whiskey is so special.


Rebecca Beusmans 2011-11-27 21:02:58

I have recently been trying out several Bourbons to try and find a nice one for to make myself a old fashioned cocktail with. Being a lover of Scottish whiskey I was pleasantly surprised by this drink. I have drunk JD many times but this is way better and is a bottle I hope to add to my collection soon.

Micheal Rogers 2011-05-14 12:21:11

As someone who dislikes JD No7 intensely I was a little apprehensive about trying Gentlemen Jack but my reticence was unfounded, in my palates opinion not dissimilar to Woodford Reserve and as a fan of Irish Whiskey mellow enough to enjoy neat.

charles craig 2011-01-28 17:35:23

Wish I could agree with other reviews - I found it little different from the JD7, cost more, and I wondered why? I like bourbon and Tennessee offerings with the best of them, and have tried more than a few on US visits. It doesn\'t offer the value of similarly priced whiskies, I would prefer Old Grandad or Four Roses, or even JD7 which remains a classic drink, neat or mixed.

Lisa Johnston 2009-07-24 08:46:26

Gentleman's Jack has to be the smoothest drink I have ever tasted. Since drinking it, I will not go back drinking reg Jack Daniels.

Jeremy Beckett 2005-03-10 20:52:41

Being an ardent scotch drinker I asked in a Boston bar for the US equivalent - this was the recommendation of the guy just along the bar. On the strength of that first taste I bought a duty free bottle at JFK on the way home and have searched every supermarket and wine cellar shelf that I have visited in the UK since the litre bottle ran out: found some good wines and a few good whiskeys but never Gentelman Jack until now. Now I've found you I will be back. If you like a smooth, flavoursome malt - my favourites are a good Islay or Clyneleish, Highland Park or Caol Ila - then you'll really appreciate the flavour of this. Not just charcoal and smoke but lots of other subtleties. You won't want to drink plain Jack Daniels again.