Ron de Jeremy - Spiced Hardcore Edition

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Ron de Jeremy spiced rum has an amazing depth of flavour. It is skillfully blended using all natural ingredients, to give a rich and well rounded rum. Deep caramel in colour, this complex rum dispays notes of nutmeg, ciannamon and vanilla with hints of black coffee and lime. As you would expect from the risque world of adult entertainment, this spiced rumm packs a hefty punch at 47% ABV, the slight touch of burn heightening the pleasure.

Ron de Jeremy Spiced excels as a sipping or mixing rum - even as a straight shot for the more adventurous. The sign of a good rum.

Thsi well rounded and complex rum was awarded the highest accolade at the SIP International Spirit Competition 2012 achieving Platinum - Best of Class in the Spiced Rum catagory.

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Katie Eleanor Fulton 2014-05-31 16:20:22

I purchased this when it was on offer as I found it quite amusing given it's name, but this rum is quite a shock - In a good way! Great depth of flavour and well balanced, and strong to boot! It has just the right level of burn ion it's way down, tingly without being painful. I get caramel and vanilla flavours from this rum, with an after-taste of cloves (and perhaps it's other spices). A good warming rum and a pleasant surprise.