Havana Club - Maximo

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Havana Club - Maximo

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Gold Rum

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo displays an impressive deep dark amber glow, testimony to its long natural ageing.

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo reveals an outstandingly rich, intense, persistent yet delicate aroma. It impresses with its unparalleled complexity, sign of graceful maturity; balanced notes of oak, smokiness, and subtle tones of fresh pear, coconut and dried fruit.

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo is robust yet velvety smooth. It is both dry and sweet. Its woody palate imparts a silky opulence, a cascade of savours accented by dark chocolate, luscious dried fruits and a hint of vanilla.

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo has a warm enduring finish, with irresistible spicy notes and uncommon persistence.

Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo is best appreciated by rum connoisseurs as a slow sipping rum, to be savoured neat, and preferably after dinner.

It is packaged in hand-blown individually numbered crystal decanters.

'There will never be a rum that better expresses the Cuban rum culture and its rich tradition than Havana Club Maximo Extra Anejo.' Don Jose Navarro, Primer Maestro Ronero.

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