About Blended Scotch Whisky.

A blended whisky is that which blends both malt and grain whisky, and forms the backbone of Scotland's whisky industry accounting for over 90% of sales worldwide; think Ballantines, Chivas Regal and Famous Grouse to name a few.

The art of producing a good blended whisky is all down to the skill of the blender and is notoriously difficult, bringing together whiskies, not only from different distilleries, but from all the different regions throughout Scotland, with their varying ages, taste profiles and even colouring or flavourings to create a whisky worthy of launching into a very competitive marketplace.

The whisky must be aged in oak for a minimum of three years.

One of the most enjoyed, although expensive examples of a blended whisky, is Johnnie Walker Blue Label, not aimed for first-timers, but one which is complex and challenging to the uninitiated, but remains a stalwart in the whisky range from Diageo's massive whisky stable.