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The High Falls Brewing Company is a 3.3 million barrel capacity facility that traces its roots back to 1878, when Mathius Kondolf founded the Genesee Brewery on the east bank of the Genesee River. The original Genesee Brewing Company was created by Louis Wehle when Prohibition was repealed in 1932. Genesee flourished for many years and continued to operate through the big industry consolidation boom of the 1980's and 90's when many legendary names like Pabst and Schlitz went out of business, leaving all but a few of the largest breweries to dominate the national domestic beer scene. In August of 2000, the Genesee Brewing Company was sold to an employee investment group led by CEO Tom Hubbard. In December of 2000, the company's name was changed to High Falls Brewing Co., reflecting the scenic Upper Falls of the Genesee River that the brewery overlooks. The new High Falls Brewing Company continued to produce its full line of ales and lagers and expanded into contract brewing services with a number of national beer and non-beer partners. Today, High Falls Brewing Company is a diverse and competitive brewery that brews, markets and sells a wide variety of beers and malt-based beverages like lemonades, coolers and energy drinks


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