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Over a hundred years ago, Luigi Moretti founded his 'Beer and Ice Factory' in Udine, in the region of Friuli. Udine was a very quiet little town, encircled by walls that the local community had erected in 1350. Within those walls the townsfolk lived industrious lives, dedicated to traditional trades and handicrafts. Those years were decisive ones for the unity of Italy. At that time, the Friuli region was still annexed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire so there were very strong patriotic sentiments felt among the town's people. It is no coincidence that an Austrian garrison took up quarters in the castle overlooking Udine and that several field cannons were menacingly stationed in the main square. It was in this difficult political climate (in the same years as the famous battles of San Martino and Solferino) that thirty-seven year old Luigi Moretti, looked to the future with courage and hope and decided to build his beer factory. Born into a wealthy family of merchants, Luigi Moretti already had a well-established business in the wholesale trade of cereals, wine, liquors, foodstuffs and, of course, beer bought in nearby Austria but he could never have imagined when he founded his little factory how much it would grow.