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At present, the brewery is equipped with four-vessel copper boilers, allowing the completion of up to four brewings a day using a well-proven two-mash procedure. Cooled wort is pitched in open fermentation bowls, where the brewer checks the progress of the fermentation, the formation of foam rings and the typical aroma.
The beer then matures in the cool environment of the cellar. This is the place where the beer acquires its pleasant, natural carbon dioxide content. In order to achieve the sparkling appearance, the matured beer is filtered prior to completion and removal. The beer is marketed in typical 500 ml glass bottles stored in compact plastic bottle crates furnished with the logo of the brewery, or in stainless steel kegs of a 50- or 30-liter volume. While the primary brewing equipment and technology are based on the requirements of traditional Czech beer production, the station that fills the stainless-steel kegs is equipped with modern technology which guarantees a careful and completely clean filling process. The brewery is currently preparing for an exchange of the worn-out beer filter and full replacement of the bottling line. The changes ensure that the brewed beer reaches to the customer fresh, with faultless attention.