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There are 110 ha of vines, which are situated in Villabuena del Puente, Toro, near Valladolid. The vines are cultivated at 654 meters above sea level, on high quality soil, rich in rocks and stones which trap the heat. Only native grapes of the Tempranillo variety (known locally as tinta de toro) are cultivated, and there is a high quality irrigation system throughout the vineyard in case of drought. The selection of grapes is rigorous with a 30% rejection rate. A mixture of traditional winemaking techniques, such as the winery using the gravity system, along with cutting-edge winery technology is used to produce an outstanding wine. Frontaura Crianza 2004 Dominia de Valdelacasa Cosecha 2005. Winners of "la Cata Interne de Calificacion de Cosecha" judged by the oenologists of the denomination of origin Toro 2006 and 2007.