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Graceland is a small family operation and the whole family plays a role: Susan has been the driving force as viticulturist, winemaker and marketer; Paul attends to the finances and administration and everyone, even the children, lend a hand in the cellar. When the dogs (two dalmatians, a German Shorthaired Pointer and an Anatolian sheepdog) start to eat the grapes off the vines, we know it is time to pick. Consulting winemakers produced the first three vintages but Susan McNaughton took over the role of full-time winemaker in 2002. Graceland's situation against the slopes of the Helderburg in proven red wine territory together with diligent viticultural practices and the passion of an owner winemaker has combined to produces elegant wines full of flavour.To redefine the 'Graceland' name tag a friend suggested developing the theme of The Three Graces as part of the label. Consequently Baron Jean Baptiste Regnault's famous painting of the tastefully entertwined 'Three Graces' from the Louvre has been used to adorn the front of the bottle. Legend has it that they were the physical embodiments of Beauty, Joy and Charm which symbolise the essential characteristics of Graceland wine.