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Mango Bay is produced by de Bortoli Wines to there exacting specifications and is a superb house wine. Established in Australia in 1928 by Vittorio & Giuseppina de Bortoli, and expanded by their son, the visionary Deen de Bortoli, today the company is in the capable hands of the third generation. It has also just been crowned as wine state magazine's wine company of the year for 2007. For both wines the fruit was selected by the winemaker on taste and baumé readings, and only when both are optimal does the harvest begin. Both American and French oak are used in the maturation process, to create wines that are bursting with fruit and spice. The shiraz cabernet is particularly peppery with great complexity and the semillon chardonnay is rounded but with great refreshing acidity that makes it perfect with many foods.


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