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The name of Harvey has long been associated with the supply of beers, wines and spirits in Sussex. Records of 1794 recall the delivery of Old Red Port, Sherry and Claret within a twenty mile radius of the medieval town of Lewes. However, it was under the management of John Harvey (1784-1862) that the Bridge Wharf Brewery was established on its present site by the River Ouse, overlooking Cliffe Bridge, Lewes. In 1880 part of the original Georgian Brewery was rebuilt and this portion, the Tower and Brew House, dominates the scene from Cliffe Bridge. This is a beautiful example of a country brewery in Victorian Gothic Design. Behind it stands the other half of the brewery, the Georgian fermenting room, cellars and Vat House. The fermenting room and cellars structurally have remained unchanged although they now house modern plant and equipment. The same applies to the Brew House, but the Vat House has now been converted into a modern bottling hall. In 1984 a second brewing line was completed, doubling the production capacity from 25,000 to 50,000 barrels a year. The building for this new plant has been added in front of the Tower in a similar Gothic style, right down to the arched ironwork window. Today, Harveys remains an independent, family company with a seventh generation of Harvey's descendants involved in its affairs. Selecting the finest quality Pale and Mild Ale malts, together with the choicest Kent and Sussex hops, brewing from our own fresh spring water, and a yeast which has remained unchanged in the brewery for four decades, has resulted in a range of beers which have delighted the people of Sussex and neighbouring counties for many years.