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Quinta do Fojo, a port wine quinta in the Vale do Pinhatilde;o, comprises 7.27 hectares of vineyards in the Douro region. Their first table wine, from 70-year-old vines, is now classed as portugal 's finest wine, created by winemakers Margarida and Jorge Serodio Borges. The grapes are grown in the spectacularly terraced region along the Douro river, made from the same native grape varietals as port - Tinta Francesca and Tinta Roriz. Jancis Robinson rated it as her "best portuguese wine" writing soon after its release in 2000: "this Douro wine from 70 year old vines.has a deep healthy crimson.chocolate and bitter cherries on the irresistible nose. The array of ripe fruit flavours on the palate is extraordinary. Everyone will find their own (if they manage to get their hands on a bottle of this rare wine). I detected something intriguingly citrus, as well as strawberries and some fine oak whose tannins do not intrude too much even at this stage, even though the wine is clearly designed for a very long and exciting life. At the very end of the palate, a certain inkiness suggests that only fools will consume this wine young, however." but as Jancis states this wine is rare.