Domaine des Grandes Maisons Chateau La Rame Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont

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Chateau La Rame was purchased by Claude Armand, the father of the current owner, with the aim of re-establishing Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont as an appellation of merit set to rival the great estates of Sauternes and Barsac, Just across the river Garonne. Yves Armand's largest vineyard is 31 miles away from the south east of Bordeaux , on the sides of a hill overhanging the Garonne, facing south. 20 ha of vines, sémillon and sauvignon, with an average age of 50 years, run all the way down the hill and stretch to the river banks. La Rame's second vineyard plot comprises of 6 ha just south of the commune of Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont, and has an average vine age of 30 years, with cabernet and merlot also grown here in equal proportions. Both vineyards are harvested by hand, with selective sorting vital for the semillon and sauvignon plot, to ensure that only grapes that have been fully affected by noble rot (botrytis cineria) are picked, after which it takes two years of careful maturation to produce the nectar-like wines of Chateau La Rame.