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Georges Vigouroux has 62 ha of vines, 86% of which are of the auxerrois (malbec) grape variety. The creation of the vineyard was a labour of love for Georges and his family. In 1971 oak trees and juniper bushes were uprooted and massive stone blocks were blown away with the use of dynamite, after which the site was still really just a bed of stones, and took a further two years to ready. One hundred and sixty thousand holes were dug into the rock, each of which received a vine and some good soil to help it take. This planting forced the vines to work hard to put roots through the rock to reach water, so that, 30 years on, these vines are now producing fantastic quality fruit. This labour of love and the man behind it have not gone unnoticed. He even merits a mention in the guide Hachette 2007: "Georges Vigouroux is one of the strongest personalities in the south west of France and is a regular to this publication". Bertrand-Gabriel, Georges' son, and the fourth generation to be involved in winemaking, is now taking a more active role and has been central in the layout of the winery, which is built of local stone to keep it cool. The system is designed to get the grapes into the stainless steel fermentation tanks as quickly as possible. once fully fermented, the wine matures in large oak barrels for 12 months, and after bottling they are kept to mature and settle in bottle for a few months more before going to market.