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Having worked his first vendange (harvest) more than 20 years ago, Simon Coulshaw is a long time wine enthusiast with a particular passion for the big red wines of the South of France. Now with his studies in viticulture and wine making completed, he has been able to realise his long term ambition and buy a wine estate in the south of France . The search for a vineyard was concentrated on the higher regions in the foothills of the Cévennes Mountains where the best terroir is to be found, and took 3 years and over 100 visits before finding Domaine Trinites (formerly Fontenau Faugeres). The 24 hectare Domaine is located on the sun baked Schist Slopes of the Cévennes, where what little vegetation there is struggles against the elements to produce its crop. It's this meagre rock terroir which forces the vines' roots deeper and deeper to find water and minerals, and in the end produces the uniquely expressive and complex wines of this beautiful domaine. The micro climate with its three prevailing winds, which bring, in turn, freshness, precipitation and a gentle drying effect, combined with the Schist to deliver wines of elegance and plenty of character. The local varieties of syrah, grenache, mourvèdre, carignan and cinsault are particularly well suited to express the terroir of soil, local herbaceous vegetation, and climate and provide plenty of blending options ensuring multi-dimensional wines.


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