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The Lallier Family has been established in Ay for over 5 generations. In 1996, Monsieur James Lallier bought the premises of the House of René Brun and started his own brand : Champagne René James Lallier was born. A new building was erected on the late 18th Century Cellars. In 2003, Monsieur Lallier retired and Monsieur Francis Tribaut took over this fine House, located '4 place de la Libération' in the heart of Ay. Armed with his champagne know-how, Francis Tribaut carries on in the best House of Lallier tradition and taste. Just come and fall under the Charm! The king of France (Henri IV and François 1st) had chosen the famous wines of Ay, still wines in those days. Champagne came later (end of 17th Century).