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René Aubert is akin to nobility in the Rhˆne, following in his father's and grandfather's impressive footsteps. His father, Max Aubert, was grand master of the Commanderies des Côtes du Rhône, and founded the Université Du Vin in nearby Suze-La-Rousse. René joined his father making wines at Domaine De La Présidente when he was 25, and hasn't looked back since. He is passionate about wine and knows how to create complex, refined wines through rigorous quality control and, above all, a deep love of great wine. "my grandfather gaston taught me to appreciate nature. my father, in turn, inspired me with his passion for wines, raising them as if they were a part of the family". he has 120 ha of vines, with 20 ha in Châteauneuf De Pape, 40 ha in Côtes Du Rhône and 60 ha in C&oCirc;tes Du Rhône Villages Cairanne. All of the wines (reds and whites) are grenache based. the Châteauneuf Blanc is 50% Grenache with clairette, roussanne and bourboulenc. Both of the reds are aged in used oak barrels to reach maturity.


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